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Rossana Kitchens

The company was founded in Bergamo in the early 1950s by a visionary Italian entrepreneur who wanted to the produce high end kitchens. It would take 15 years before the company would become known by its actual name, Rossana, thanks to Giancarlo Iliprandi, the designer of the kitchen by the same name. In fact, the Rossana kitchen was so successful that its name became the corporate brand, along with the famous slogan "kitchens from the heart".

The Rossana brand belongs to the history of Italian design, and has always been a reference point for the other leading companies in the industry because of its high standards of quality, design and technology.

The brand succeeded in affirming its market share by responding to market demands, of course, but also - unlike the general trend in our contemporary times - due to the fact that Rossana kitchens are created to last. Scrupulous attention to detail is another element that has allowed the company to satisfy discerning clients able to appreciate the customisation of each model.

Through the years, Rossana has worked constantly with different designers from all over the world, and this has allowed them to build a complete collection able to satisfy every need deriving from interior design.